2020 Visual Awards

Garden of Sheden” by Love Bailey

(Visual Arts Award—First Place)

Love Bailey “Garden of Sheden”

Alien Forest” by Collin Vore

(Visual Arts Award—Second Place)

Collin Vore “Alien Forest”

The Jump/Victory Lap/After Party” by Patrick Brennan

(Visual Arts Award—Third Place)

Patrick Brennan: The Jump, Victory Lap, and Afterparty are inspired by the commercial art of my family’s now defunct whiskey company, which was in business until the 18th amendment was ratified in 1919, ushering in the prohibition era. Their slogan was “first over the bar,” and used a visual pun of a man jumping over a fence on their whiskey packaging. I wanted to create a story about a day in this character’s life and reimagine him in a more contemporary illustration style. To do this, I found inspiration in geometric art deco patterns and midcentury illustration.

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