Jillian Abreu

Jillian Abreu is a freshman at Palomar exploring everything creative until she gets the courage to actually pursue a career in writing. She writes and draws obsessively, more a lifestyle than a hobby. She is honored to be a part of Bravura!

Alice Bovee

Alice Bovee has been involved in poetry, drama, metal smithing, drawing, and painting. As a history major, she writes and edits things constantly. She specializes in the classical period of Hellenistic art, namely Sappho’s poetry.

Miranda Xiadany Cisneros

Miranda Xiadany Cisneros is a Mexican writer and English major with the aspiration of becoming a scriptwriter at Pixar. She loves cats and collecting books and journals. Her dream is to become immortalized and leave her mark on earth. She hopes she can inspire people to see that everything is worth living for.

Kelsie Cloes

Kelsie Cloes is a student at Palomar majoring in Mechanical Engineering. As a Southern Californian she has visited most of San Diego, her favorite place to be is one of Poway’s hidden gem hideouts.

Milo Edwards

Milo Edwards (they/them) is an English major with a passion for Jane Austen. You can find them on Instagram as @stillsremains.

Leah Gibson

Leah Gibson is an English major. She loves reading and writing poetry, watching films, and seeing as many things in this life as possible. She is a big believer in creativity fueling the human experience and enjoys the opportunity to access vulnerable parts of people through art.

Adam Hardy

Adam Hardy is a fan of Dungeons and Dragons who spends too much time procrastinating (even on this bio). But rest assured, the job will get done eventually. He enjoys reading short stories, as well as writing them, as long as he can muster the motivation, that is.

Mattie Hernandez

Mattie Hernandez is in their last semester at Palomar. They are a Biology and Administration of Justice major who spends a lot of their free time writing and crocheting. They are currently planning on transferring to CSUSM as a Biology major and a Literature and Writing studies minor. Recently they’ve been writing short stories with the hopes of entering the publishing world.

Leslie Huerta

Leslie Huerta has lived in SoCal her entire life and plans to become a registered dental assistant through the RDA program at Palomar. She enjoys being crafty, which includes crocheting and bullet journaling. During her free time, she’s either watching a K-drama or listening to music.


Gabby Le

Gabby Le is an English major transferring to UC Berkeley this fall. She has explored curriculum policy and pedagogy creation and wants to advocate for equity and tolerance in public education. Gabby serves as president of Palomar’s Gender and Women Studies Club and That’s On Period, whose mission is to alleviate period poverty.

Miroslava Lopez

Miroslava Lopez is completing her A.A. for transfer at Palomar. She is an English major who has an endless love for film and music. She also enjoys baking, playing video games, and spending time with her boyfriend’s dogs.

Kyla Peck

Kyla Peck is a writer and professional curious person. She spends her free time staring at the ceiling and telling herself she needs to write, and on her busy days she tells herself the same thing.

Mauricio Velazquez

Mauricio Velazquez is a writer and massive nerd. When not writing his next big story you can find him in the gym sculpting himself into a Greek God, in the basement playing Dungeons & Dragons, or livestreaming on twitch.tv/bearstreamz.

Annie Wyatt

Annie Wyatt is a student at Palomar College and plans to transfer to SDSU. She hopes to stay involved in the arts while working in psychology. Her passions include poetry, helping others, late night drives, living it up, traveling, and connecting with nature.

Faculty Advisors of Bravura

Clare Rolens, PhD.

Associate Professor, Department of English, Humanities and Reading


Stacey M. Trujillo, PhD.

Associate Professor, Department of English, Humanities and Reading


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