Meet the 2020 Poetry Committee

Alexa Ferrari

I chose to major in English because I hate math, but have grown a true passion for it. Once I get my BA, then I plan on going to law school which I think English will have prepared me in a lot in ways non-English majors wouldn’t understand.  Besides that I either work a lot, workout, read, or go to the beach.

Carolin Colton

Hello, my name is Caroline Colton. My major is a (possible) double major in Creative Writing and Scriptwriting. I’m hoping to be an author in the future and love visual arts and any forms of writing, as well as being a part of a publishing team for novels and much more. Personally, I love sticking my nose into new experiences to learn from them and more. On the side, I’m a gamer, but I also love going out and taking photos and completing art, typically along the lines of logos and scenery.

Caroline Colton bio

Cassandra Lucero: Poetry Committee

Cassandra Lucero Pic

Jovyn Anderson: Poetry Committee

Sarah Broberg: Poetry Committee

“People are so much more strange and interesting and unlikely than anything you could make
-Neil Gaiman
I am fascinated by people, in theory. In practice, they terrify me, so I usually just draw them. I major in Illustration—my default setting is drawing roleplaying characters, but I can draw other things if I must. I hope to illustrate (and write?) comics professionally someday. Some other fun facts: my preferred habitat is forested mountains, my favorite font is ITC American Typewriter, I once jumped barefoot over a rattlesnake, and every once in a while I am possessed by the urge to scream “I love you” at every person, place, and thing I encounter. (I don’t. I just make comics about it.)

Schuyler Bates: Poetry Committee

Linea Montiel

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