Meet Our 2020 Visual Editors

Jessica Savino

My name is Jessica Savino and I am an English major.  I love watching horror movies, drawing, and playing guitar. I am currently finishing my second year at Palomar College and I’m hoping to transfer to a four year university this fall.

Mariah Hill

Major: English
My name is Mariah and this is my first year at Palomar. I tried to think of something wildly spectacular to put here. Naturally, I couldn’t think of anything. But as a wise frog once said, treat people with kindness.

Matthew Thomas

My name is Matthew Thomas I am a writer and illustrator. This is my first year on Bravura and I am more than exited to be a part of this project. I have pervious experience similar to this so I was glad to help. A Californian native and I am from a military family so I moved around a lot but mainly stuck in the United States, I gained the passion for writing when I lived in Virginia making up short stories of heroes and villains, epic space adventures, and fantasy journeys. I gained my passion of art when I moved back to California where I would choose my career for the arts.

Sam Osgan

My name is Sam! I’m a huge fan of video games, anime, manga, as well as comics! I love corgis, mochi donuts, and the very existence of Tom Hiddleston. Basically, all the necessary cogs and wheels for a tick-tocking pop culture hermit! This is my first time as part of the staff of the stupendous Bravura. One of the most exciting things I did was reach out to the public about our chaotic creation despite the cold hard fact that I have the social skills of a chinchilla! All in all, it’s worth it because I got to experience being an editor like Stan Lee when he first started out in his comic book career. The very same Stan Lee who met an incoherently babbling 15-year-old me during an autograph signing.

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