What is Bravura?

Bravura is the literary journal put out every spring semester by Palomar College. Submissions to Bravura are reviewed by students taking the Bravura class (English 137), as well as the faculty members that are currently involved with the program. The journal is made up of submissions by artists, photographers, writers – any printable sort of art is up for review. There are cash prizes for first, second, and third place winners in the categories of visual arts, poetry, and prose.

Who can submit to Bravura?

​Students that are currently enrolled at Palomar College, as well as recent alumni, may submit work. Any high school student enrolled in a high school located in San Diego County will also be able to submit.

What can be submitted?

​Poetry, prose, comics, drawings, blown glass, sculptures, paintings, digital art, photographs, fashion, wood carvings – anything that can be printed in the journal is up for review, as long as it follows the submission guidelines: https://bravurajournal.org/submissions/

Any questions about submissions should be sent to bravurasubmissions@gmail.com. If you are a local high school student, questions should be sent to bravurahs@gmail.com.

When is the submission deadline?

Submissions for the 2020 issue of Bravura are due March 7th by 11:59pm.

How do I submit?

If you are a student or alumnus/alumna of Palomar College, submit your work as an email attachment to bravurasubmissions@gmail.com. If you are a local high school student, send submissions to bravurahs@gmail.com. Text must be submitted as Microsoft Word or PDF documents (Microsoft Word preferred). All artwork must be submitted as either a JPEG or TIFF; you should scan your work at a minimum of 300dpi. Make sure that all submissions include your contact information: name, title of work, email, and your affiliation with Palomar College. We reserve the right to edit submissions as a condition for publication.