Who can submit to Bravura?

Students currently enrolled at Palomar College, as well as alumni, may submit their work to Bravura. We also accept submissions from former Palomar students (so even if you did not graduate from Palomar, but attended classes at our school at some point, you are eligible to submit). Any high school student enrolled in a high school located in San Diego County will also be able to submit.

What can be submitted?

​Overall, we are looking to represent a wide variety of topics, forms, and creative mediums in each addition of Bravura.

Any form of prose (fiction, creative non-fiction etc.).

Poetry (song lyrics/ any form of poetry- formal and informal)

Visual Arts: comics, drawings, blown glass, sculptures, paintings, digital art, photographs, fashion, wood carvings – anything that can be printed in the journal is up for review, as long as it follows the submission guidelines: posted above

Any specific questions about submissions should be sent to

If you are a local high school student, questions should be sent to

When is the submission deadline?

We are currently accepting submissions for the 2021 edition of Bravura! Submissions due: March 19th. The deadline for High School and Palomar Students will be the same day; however, please be sure to submit your work to the proper email address: (for all High School Submissions) (for current/former Palomar students and Alumni)


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