Meet the 2020 Prose Committee

Darleen Patton

Hellooo, when I used to play basketball in middle school, my coach would greet me by singing my name to the tune of Dolly Parton’s Grammy nominated song “Jolene”. Also, I’m an English major with an affinity for reading, yee – and I can not stress this enough – haw.

Darleen Patton

Jocelyn Moore

Jocelyn is a 20-year-old English major interested in getting her doctorate (hopefully in England, but she’ll figure it out when she gets there). She’s been at Palomar for 4 semesters, but this is her first time working for Bravura. Her long term goals are to become either a professor or an editor, and plans on traveling as much as she can

Luis Camarillo

My name is Luis Camarillo. I grew up in Southern California and spent the majority of my childhood reading, wandering my neighborhood looking for strays to bring home or a shady spot to relax in, or at my local goodwill hunting for bargain books and records/cassettes. Most usually an awkward and mildly precarious combination of the four. Not much has changed since, I still have a hard time not bringing home any animal, I still am always on the prowl for bargain vinyl and books, and I still love relaxing in nice shady spots and most importantly, I still love to read! My favorite authors include Octavia Butler, Tananarive Due, Frank Herbet, and Samuel Delaney. I’m currently majoring in Literature and would like to become a professor and author in the future.

Nicholas Lopez

Call me Nicholas Lopez. Some years ago, never mind precisely, I started studying at Palomar, but life is spooky, and here I still am, hoping to pursue an English degree–one may see!… I love books (and read widely, with a wide range of interests) even though I read rather slowly. Pretty much all the videogames I play are Nintendo. I think my favorite of all time would be Pokemon Crystal if only because of the sheer amount of nostalgia…

Hayden Thor

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