Art for a Global Pandemic

Hope everyone is doing well amidst all this chaos! Our editors are still working (remotely!) to put together this year’s Bravura. Need something to read during this time of social distancing? You can check out the archives of past issues on our website!

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Submission Deadline Approaching!

Time is running out to submit to the 2020 Bravura!

Remember to have all of your poetry, prose, and visual art in by March 7th at 11:59 P.M. to to be considered for publication in our upcoming issue. Curious about our guidelines? Head over to the Submissions page for more details on what we accept! Still need more help? Feel free to get in touch through our Contact page with any questions, comments, or concerns you might have.

We’re super stoked to see what you’ve all created for us!

*High school submission deadline is March 14th at 11:59 P.M.

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Join us for a free workshop!


Today, March 2nd, at 5pm in room H-104

Free workshop on creative writing?!? Yes please! Bravura editors, in collaboration with the Palomar College Writing Center, are offering a free workshop for Palomar students who want to submit poetry or prose to Bravura!

We offer a supportive and constructive space for writers, from beginners to practiced hands, to get feedback and guidance to help your work be even better.

We hope to see you there!

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Design the 2020 cover of Bravura!!

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Plan ahead- sign up for English 137 and help make the Spring 2020 issue of Bravura!

Calling all editors, comic artists, graphic designers (lovers of InDesign), painters, sculptors, fashion designers, art and literature enthusiasts, marketers, social media gurus, photographers, poets, short story-ists, creative non-fiction writers, and most of all, people who like to make things! We can’t wait to work with you Spring 2020 on the next issue of Bravura, Palomar’s literary journal. ENG 137 (TTh 2:45-4:50) is a four-unit transferrable course that gives you hands-on experience in publishing. We don’t exaggerate when we say: it will be fun. Be a part of something special at Palomar College!

In ENG 137 we all share a common goal: the successful publication and promotion of a new edition of Bravura. The class also offers a lot of diversity in terms of how students can contribute to the production of Bravura, and everyone will take on a variety of roles over the course of the semester. It is a collaboration among the students and the faculty where each person contributes based on their own academic interests and areas of expertise; however, this class will also challenge students to develop new skills related to the publication and promotion of the journal, that are clearly transferable into a variety of educational and employment settings. It also looks great on a resume or CV!

More than just ENG majors!

ENG 137: Student Contributions:

Social Media Coordinators

Web design/ Development

Graphic designers/ In-design

Publishing (gain experience in all stages of the publication process)

Workshop/ revise/ edit/ proofread versions of the publication

Campus outreach and promotional events

Public readings/ events in the community

Event planning: The annual Gala

Evaluate submissions for publication (in committees comprised of your fellow editors)

Visual Committee

Prose Committee

Poetry Committee

High School Outread Committee

Twitter: @bravurajournal

Instagram: @bravurajournal

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