bra•vu•ra (br vyeor’ ;brä veo’ rä) – a daring display of brilliant skill

 Bravura, The Literary Journal of Palomar College

Established in 1964, Bravura is an award-winning, interdisciplinary literary journal that features the prose, poetry, and a wide variety of visual art created by Palomar College students, alumni, and local High School students.

Published every May, under the guidance of faculty advisors Professor Clare Rolens, PhD. and Professor Stacey M. Trujillo,PhD. each issue of Bravura is produced by the student editors who enroll in ENGLISH 137: The Literary Magazine—History and Production (offered only during the spring semester).  

The goal of Bravura is to celebrate Palomar College’s diverse creative community. We publish of original work a variety of literary genres, including creative non-fiction, poetry, short fiction, song lyrics, and drama/screenplays. As an interdisciplinary journal we also publish artistic expression from a variety of fields, including, but not limited to, photography, drawing and painting, illustration, digital art, comics, graphic design, and mixed media art. We also publish images of three dimensional arts including sculpture, ceramics, jewelry, metalworking, woodworking, and fashion design. In sum – any printable sort of creative expression will be considered for publication!

Introducing the 2020 Edition of Bravura!!!

Check out the entire edition of this year's journal in the "2020 Edition" tab. Click the links on that page to see featured works and additional contnet!
2020 Cover of Bravura: Artwork by Journey Smothers

The First and Second Place Winners of the first Annual Bravura Cover Design Contest:

              First Place: Journey Smothers

              Second Place: Valente Martinez

Thank you to everyone who submitted to the Cover Design Contest! It was an impressive group of submissions and we look forward to seeing the next round of submissions for the 2021 edition! Please visit the “Cover Design Contest” page for more information about the 2020 winners and the contest guidelines

2020: Editorial Staff: Via Zoom

Not pictured: Schuyler Bates, Caroline Colton, Alexa Ferrari, Cassandra Lucero, Raine Porath, and Matthew Thomas
In Bravura [ENG 137] we do tons of engaging activities spread throughout the semester. In the starting weeks of the semester, before COVID affected the world, students promote Bravura through social media, going in class to talk to students, distributing flyers and reaching out high schools. We also held workshops for submissions and give valuable feedback to strengthen their stories. During the stay at home order, students got into committees to call each other on Zoom to look over stories and artworks/designs of what can go into Bravura. Later on, there was multitude of activities the class can do, such as talking about our inspiration behind our stories, what we do during COVID measures, and copyedit submissions. What I got out of from Bravura was making sure my writing was strong to consider pacing, "show don't tell", and characterization. The challenge was completing these tasks when campus closed down while we had to social distance, but the class was able to pull off everything to get the book complete!
Eric Cruz
2020 Editor/Contributor

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  • Dr. Jack Kahn, Acting Superintendent/President of Palomar College; Shayla Sivert, Acting Assistant Superintendent/Vice President for Instruction at Palomar College; Fabinne Chauderlot, Dean of Languages and Literature at Palomar College
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