ENG 137: The Literary Magazine: History and Practice

Offered Every Spring Semester at Palomar College!

In English 137, students collaborate with the faculty advisors to publish the annual edition of Bravura. Students that take this class gain job transferable skills in copy-editing, publishing, social media outreach, web design and management, event planning, community outreach, graphic and media design and so much more! It is a great way to get involved on campus, expand your resume, etc. all while earning 4 units of CSU transferable credit!

Words cannot express how elated I am to have worked as a contributor for Bravura and having my piece chosen for publication in the journal. It felt like an honor for me, for engaging in the class and meeting new people who has diverse interests and showcasing their creativity. This was a fun experience that I will never forget. The class felt like a unification between artists of different mediums who writes stories or compose artworks/designs that collaborated with each other to compose a journal showcasing unique voices. I’m not sure if it’s just me, but creativity felt overlooked and undervalued, especially in a school environment. If you want to get yourself involved in Bravura, you can! These professors show that they care about the course and the journal.

-Eric Cruz | 2020 Editor

I really enjoyed ENG 137 because it is a real-world example of what the life of a graphic designer is like. I helped design the 2018 and 2019 editions, and the experience strengthened my typography and Adobe InDesign skills immensely. The experience gave me a competitive edge when I transferred to a CSU graphic design program, where I am now regularly tasked with designing catalogs, brochures, and other large bodies of text. ENG 137 gave me the confidence and experience to tackle these types of projects head-on, in the most fun way possible. The professors and fellow students that I worked with are delightful, and I became good friends with everyone I worked with. ENG 137 is a glowing example of what a collaborative, welcoming, creative, and enjoyable learning environment should be.

– Adam Sendler | Editor + Designer for 2018-19

Amid a 20-unit schedule, ENG137 was a cathartic interlude that I looked forward to every week. This class served as both a respite from the rigid structure of other classes, and an outlet for individualism and collaboration. ENG137 offers a unique opportunity to explore artistry in a positive and nurturing atmosphere where all forms of creative expression are celebrated and valued. If you are a student who is timid about sharing your work, consider Bravura! Professors Clare and Stacey have fostered a supportive and communal culture where every student is made to feel like a welcome member of a creative team.

– Linea Montiel | 2020 Editor

Faculty Advisors
for Bravura

Clare Rolens, PhD.

Associate Professor, Department of English, Humanities and Reading


Stacey M. Trujillo, PhD.

Associate Professor, Department of English, Humanities and Reading


Please email your submissions to bravurahs@gmail.com 

In your submission email please include the following information:

  • Your full name and the title of each of your submission(s)
  • The name of your High School, and your grade level

NOTE: label the individual attached files as Your Name: Title of Work